Enhance Your Celebration with XL Wine Bottles! – Pier 290

Enhance Your Celebration with XL Wine Bottles!

Here at Pier 290, we love to provide our guests with the best service, food & drinks, and experience that will make for great times with friends and family! Because of our dedication to serving you the best, we have decided to offer you something that is not available anywhere else in Wisconsin– select XL Wine Bottles!  

Kick your celebration up a notch with an EXTRA LARGE bottle of rose or champagne! These bottles will elevate any event whether it’s dinner in the restaurant or a private party in our Upper Deck. You can make these bottles a lifelong memory by having your guests sign the bottle.

Wines available: 

🥂AIX Rose

🥂Whispering Angel Rose 

🥂Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

🥂Taittinger Champagne

🥂Veuve Clicquot Champagne 

Sizes Available: 

🍾Standard: 750ml (1 bottle)

🍾Magnum: 1.5L (2 bottles)

🍾Jeroboam: 3L (4 bottles)

🍾Methuselah: 6L (8 bottles)



Having an event or dining with us?

Ask your event coordinator for pricing. Or the next time you’re dining with us, ask your server for pricing.


Your time at Pier 290 may be brief, but this bottle can be a memory that will last a lifetime– just drink it, sign it, & bring it home!